Terms and Conditions

Office offers a 2 years contract as per the MOHRE rules and regulations


Sponsors are expected to ask the office directly for any vital information about our applicant.

Sponsors are expected to contact the applicant through phone call and state the applicant’s duties.

Sponsors are expected to contact the office after talking to the applicant to confirm their employment.

Sponsors are expected to take our applicants from the office maximum of 14 working days from the day the employment visa is forwarded to the office.

Employment visa should be processed by the sponsors under their name.

Office fee covers the applicant’s needs to successfully fly in UAE – Initial medical in their country, embassy processing fee, post contracts, transportation.


Sponsors are expected to make the applicant’s residence visa within 15 days upon her arrival in UAE.

Applicants should only operate and do her job as agreed with the sponsors inside their own property or house.

Sponsors are expected to treat our applicants with all due respect and with proper treatment which but limited to providing her food, a suitable place for her to stay, not to assault her by beating or harassing and to provide any medical needs during her work period.

Sponsors are expected to let the applicants use their mobile phones to contact their families especially after the working hours on as agreed with two parties.

Return and Refund Policy

In case sponsors decide to return the applicant with lawful reasons like threaten and disobedience, sponsors are given the chance to get and choose replacement.

If sponsors decide to get refund than it is processed as per the MOHRE rules and regulations.


If in any reason one of these terms and conditions are violated by the sponsor, the office has the right to void warranty of the sponsor as per the MOHRE rules and regulations and let sponsors pay appropriate cost for any penalties and damages incur during the contract period.