The Role of Tadbeer Centers (مركز تدبير) in the UAE

The Role of Tadbeer Centers (مركز تدبير) in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, Tadbeer centers play a pivotal role in simplifying domestic help services for households and families. With increasingly hectic lifestyles and dual-income households becoming the norm, Tadbeer or sponsorship services have become a lifeline for many residents in managing household chores and childcare responsibilities.


What is a Tadbeer Center (مركز تدبير)?

A Tadbeer center acts as a bridge between employers and domestic workers, streamlining the placement and documentation processes.


Services Offered by Tadbeer Centers (مركز تدبير)

Tadbeer centers offer a comprehensive range of services to both employees and households seeking domestic assistance. For employees, these centers assist in obtaining visit/employment visas, arranging mandatory medical tests, conducting orientation sessions, and facilitating accommodation in compliance with UAE labor laws.

For households, Tadbeer centers offer the opportunity to sponsor new housemaids. These centers handle all paperwork, match candidates to specific requirements, and manage salary transfers. Some centers go the extra mile by providing training programs for both maids and employers, enhancing job skills and workplace etiquette.


Housemaid Sponsorship

One of the primary functions of Tadbeer centers is to facilitate housemaid sponsorship, often referred to as “kafala.” As per UAE law, any family employing a domestic helper must have a UAE national citizen as the official sponsor. Tadbeer centers enable families to leverage their sponsorship licenses for this purpose, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.


Here are the fundamental steps to connect with a Tadbeer center and sponsor a housemaid:

Select a registered Tadbeer center: Reputed centers like Alyazwah Domestic Workers Services Centre offer a reliable option. You can find their websites or locate their offices in your area.

Visit the Tadbeer center office: You can either visit the center in person or schedule an appointment in advance. Ensure you have your Emirates ID and other necessary identification documents ready.

Complete a sponsor application form: The Tadbeer center will provide you with application forms, where you’ll need to furnish basic details such as your name, address, employment information, and more. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay processing fees.

Provide necessary documents: Submit essential documents like a copy of your passport, visa pages, recent utility bills as proof of address, and employment verification.

Choose a housemaid: Explore profiles of available housemaids through the Tadbeer center’s database, filtering your search based on nationality, gender, language skills, and more.

Interview and select: Shortlist potential candidates and request the Tadbeer center to arrange interviews. After interviewing, choose a suitable housemaid and provide their details.

Arrange medical tests: Ensure the selected candidate undergoes mandatory medical and health tests.

Obtain final approvals: The Tadbeer center will manage all paperwork and submit it to MOHRE for the final kafala transfer approval.

Payment of deposits: Comply with regulations by paying advance salaries and any other required security deposits to the Tadbeer center.

Welcome your housemaid: Once approved, you can warmly welcome your new housemaid.


Benefits of Hiring House Maids from a Registered Tadbeer Center (مركز تدبير)

The advantages of using registered Tadbeer centers are numerous, including streamlined paperwork, adherence to legal placement procedures, standardized processes in accordance with UAE laws, and access to value-added services. Their expertise aids households and employees in navigating domestic employment-related formalities with ease. In essence, Tadbeer centers serve as essential facilitators bridging the gap between job demand and supply for households throughout the UAE.


Qualifications and Experience Requirements for Housemaids

When hiring a housemaid through a Tadbeer center in the UAE, you can typically expect the following criteria to be met:

Nationality: Housemaids are predominantly hired from Filipino, Indian, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, Bangladeshi, and Indonesian nationalities.

Age: The ideal age range falls between 25-40 years to ensure candidates are both young enough to work effectively and mature enough to handle responsibilities.

Education: The minimum educational qualification accepted is typically at the high school level, although some Tadbeer centers may have candidates with higher secondary or vocational education.

Language Skills: In addition to their native language, candidates should possess basic proficiency in English, Arabic, or Hindi for effective communication.

Experience: Candidates with at least 1-2 years of proven experience as domestic help are preferred, with those possessing experience as nannies often given preference.

Skills: Proficiency in domestic skills such as cooking, cleaning, childcare, and laundry is highly valued. Additionally, candidates with training certifications are typically favored.

Medical Fitness: Candidates must pass pre-employment medical tests arranged by Tadbeer centers to ensure their health and well-being.

References: Prior references from previous employers are diligently checked to validate the experience and skills claimed by the candidates.

Tadbeer centers meticulously screen and match candidates based on these qualifications to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of clients seeking housemaids.

In conclusion, Tadbeer centers in the UAE offer invaluable assistance to both employers and domestic workers, simplifying the process of housemaid sponsorship and ensuring that it adheres to legal requirements. These centers serve as essential intermediaries, promoting a seamless and well-regulated domestic employment system for households across the UAE.